Tie Crane

With outstanding lift capacity, swing torque and draw-bar pull, RCE's Tie Cranes are highly productive. Boasting a tight tail swing, operators can concentrate on the work in front of them without worrying about damaging the machines or rail cars passing behind them - an ideal piece of equipment for confined areas. Control is smooth and effortless, with the Powerwise III management system. Hydraulic driven axles with integrated dynamic failsafe braking comes standard. Includes fuel efficient IT4 John Deere powered engines. Multiple boom arm options are available - Tie Crane or Bridge Crane.

RCE Carts can be set up to front and rear of equipment to maximize tie distribution efficiency. Carts designed to handle all types of materials, from heavy loads of reclaimed scrap to ties.

With impressive fuel efficiency, RCE Tie Cranes consume up to 50% less per day than that of other competitive tie crane models.



Available Attachments:

  Brush Cutter (available only on TC-120)
  Head Magnet
  Material Cart
  Scrap Cart
  Side Dump Cart
  Tie Grapple