Track Boom

An alternative to the traditional purpose-built pipe layer, the new Track Boom is a fraction of the cost and provides the ultimate in application versatility — one day a Track Boom, the next an excavator bucket—with ease!

The Track Boom is installed with a Crane Smart System, providing accurate load stats on the job to keep your people and equipment safe. The Track Boom is attached to a John Deere excavator but can be sold separately, which provides the option to use sitting excavators in your fleet. The RCE engineering team can design custom boom lengths for special applications.



Key Features:

  Custom designed for particular application in terms of lift and hook height
  Engineered with 3D modeling and finite element analysis for stress concentrations
  All joints machined, brushed and greased
  Welding to ASTM standards
  All testing to SAE standards
  Fully tested load cart
  Crane Smart System with the following features:
     - Load cell with live weighing
     - Overload warning and anti-2 block warning
     - Wireless communication and in cab panel
     - Boom angle sensor and off-level sensor
  Hydraulic de-rate for overload
  Hydraulic winch with brake
  2 part hook block
  Boom/winch controls in right joystick
  Auxiliary function to run winch and plumbed to tank for winch brake
  DY form 18 rotation resistance cable
  Installation and removal back to an excavator in a day