Rail Blade Motor Grader

Offering one-of-a-kind advantages, RCE's Rail Blade - high rail motor grader - is the first of its kind in the industry. Choose from six full-featured high rail motor graders each loaded with brawny blades equipped with the same heavy duty durability and ultimate uptime-boosting features. Whether you're fighting snow, replacing or tamping ties, undercutting or regulating ballast, the Rail Blade does it all.



The Rail Blade is a platform designed for versatility:

  The new Tie Inserter/Remover attachment makes it easy to maintain and repair switch ties. Single stroke design.
  Front plow and dual wings for fighting snow on and off track.
  Hydraulic rotating head for standard track tie and switch tie replacement.
  Hydraulic powered dual tamper head with innovative approach using little or no track time.