Excavator High Rail Gear

RCE Equipment Solutions presents rail gear for the 20 metric class excavator, a new addition to RCE's Railavator high rail excavator line-up. Now available for multiple brands of excavators!

The Railavator high rail gear is RCE's patented hydraulic high rail system. The 20 metric class Railavator is ideal for rail maintenance applications like rail laying, tie handling, scrap pick-up, ballast and site preparation and under cutting. The rail gear package can be fitted with features and designed to simplify service and minimize downtime and expense.



RCE’s Patented Rail Gear System for Excavators features:

  Integrated lift frame assembly welded into the excavator X-Frame
  Heavy duty lift arms for the rail gear with positive cam over lock design when in operating position
  Hydraulic driven axles assemblies on each axle
  Hydraulic actuated failsafe park brakes on both drive assemblies
  Hydraulic actuated service brakes on each axle
  Auto brake function allows creep mode on rail
  Custom built John Deere axle assemblies that provide:
     - Inboard planetary drives
     - Internal hydraulic applied wet disc brakes
  Standard 24 inch rail wheels
  Standard 56 ½” rail gauge
  Upgraded rotary manifold to allow control of lower functions and brakes



All high rail functions are controlled in the operator station on a main control panel:

  Raising and lowering rail gear
  Switching from excavator travel to rail gear travel
  Single travel pedal for rail travel
  Service brake pedal
  Emergency park brake control switch



Optional Features:

  28” rail wheels for increased ground clearance
  Heavy lift axles add craning capabilities and improved bearing life